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The Solution against snoring and sleep apnea

Do you snore? Do you have Apnea? Do you suffer from headaches in the morning or weariness during the day?We offer you the latest, most comfortable and effective solutions to treat snoring and apnea. Without any surgical procedures we help you to get rid of your snoring problems and create a healthy sleep pattern and a good night’s rest. Through the years, we have already helped over 35.000 men and women, who suffered from light snoring to very heavy snoring or apnea. Our successful (non-surgical) treatments result in many satisfied customers every year, who have been cured from their snoring problems.



 Why choose the Clinic for Snoring and Sleep Apnea?

• We are the only on fully specialized in treatment of snoring and sleep apnea
• Personal approach and support
• Previously demonstrated efficacy without side effects
• First consultation free of charge
• No painful jaw position changeSnorex
• Suitable for people with prosthesis
• Prevents teeth grinding and simultaneously protects your   teeth from wear
• Very long lasting technique
• Immediate results
• Compensation through your health insurance?
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First choice of ENT specialist in case of snoring and sleep apnea

There are lots of 'remedies' available pretending to have the solution to snoring and sleep apnea. Unfortunately, they don't or hardly work, which is very frustating for many. For over 15 years The Clinic for Snoring and Sleep Apnea has been specialized in treating problems regarding snoring and apnea. One of the products of the Clinic for Snoring and Sleep Apnea , the SnörEx® anti-snoring bracket, has in the meantime become the first choice of ENT specialists.

Treatment of symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea

Where many commercial solutions only address the symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea, the SnörEx® anti-snoring bracket provides an actual solution to snoring.

Also the palate and uvula will not be damaged, unlike with surgical methods against snoring, with all their permanently adverse effects.

More information on the SnörEx ®


What is snoring?

Snoring occurs when the tongue relaxes too much during sleep and narrows the airway. It makes breathing harder. Using more strength passing air in and out.
The soft palate en uvula are being sucked in the direction of the larynx. The higher air speed causes the soft palate and uvula to vibrate, creating the snoring sound. 

What is sleep apnea?

Respiratory arrest or apnea (Greek; not breathing) is the medical term for interrupted breathing during sleep for over 10 seconds. During an apnea episode there’s no movement of the diaphragm and chest muscles and the long contents remains unchanged.

Very loud snoring can be a sign of this much more serious disease: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). Tongue and jaw muscles relax during sleep and block the airway partially or entirely.

More information on apnea



Clinic for Snoring and Apnoea

Associated with our Clinic

  • Dr. R.J. v/d Wal, ENT
  • Dr. P.F. de Wet, ENT
  • Dr. G.J. Kamps, ENT
  • Drs. P.H.M. Boonen, Dentist
  • Drs. J.M.J. Smeets, Dentist
  • Dr. B. Lansoght, ENT
  • Dr. F.J. van Hemert, ENT
  • Dr. R.A.E. Akrum, ENT
  • Dr. Bernard, ENT
  • Dr. J.P. Ter Bruggen, Neurologist
  • Dr. H. Cats, ENT
  • Dr. F.J.M. Disch, ENT
  • Dr. D.H. Dix, ENT
  • Dr. Dr. L. Hakim, ENT
  • Dr. P.H.M. Mulder, ENT
  • Dr. L.C. Prins, ENT


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The clinic for Snoring and Sleep Apnoea developed  a test to  determine yourself how big your snoring/apnoea problem is and how it can be fixed.

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